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Available Listings

Ada Plaza Center
Ada Plaza Center

Building A – May 2019:

Ste: 101A: +/- 576 s.f.

Ste: 204A: +/- 576 s.f.

Ada Arcade
Ada  Arcade

221 Chalan Santo Papa, Hagåtña (Generator)

Ste. 301: +/- 2,000 s.f.

Ada Cliffline Offices
Ada Cliffline Office Center

Building C:

Ste. 101: +/- 3,416 s.f

Ste. 201: +/- 2,930 s.f.

Ada Plaza Center (Building B)

173 Aspinall Avenue, Hagåtña (No Generator)

Ste. 202B/203B: +/- 1,520 s.f.


Coming in April 2019

Ste. 101B: +/- 523 s.f

Ste. 102B: +/- 720 s.f

Ste. 103B: +/- 720 s.f

Ste. 104B: +/- 720 s.f

Ste. 105B: +/- 572 s.f

Ada Dededo Office Building
Ada Dededo Shopping Center

228-A Marine Drive, Bldg. E. (Generator)
Ste. 106E/107E: +/- 1,140 s.f.

cliff pointe building
Cliff Pointe

304 W. O’Brien Drive, Hagåtña (Generator)
Ste. 102: +/- 950 s.f.

Capitol Plaza
Capitol Plaza

Hagåtña – 120 Father Duenas Ave (Generator)

Ste: 104: +/- 1,232 s.f.
Ste: 105B: +/- 600 s.f.

May 2019
Ste. 103: +/- 1,232 s.f.

P&F Professional Manor

Hagåtña – 120 Father Duenas Ave (Generator)

428 Chalan San Antonio Ste. Tamuning (Generator)

Ste: 103:+/-1,150 s.f.

Coming Soon

rendering photo of Harbor View

Future Home of the Guam Chamber of Commerce

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